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Once there was a young girl, at the age of 21. She was a beauty, long luscious blond hair, and blue eyes. She fell in love with a man, who was unworthy of her love. This girl was into sewing, and she had made a heart out of fabric and cotton. She promised herself that on Christmas day, she would give this man her heart that she made, promising that the heart was a promise of her love. She promised the man that would meet her love at a park.

This is where they met. On Christmas day, the girl proceeded with her promise and gave the man that fabric and cotton heart at that special park. The man smiled, but then quickly walked away, not giving anything in return. The girl never saw the man again.

She waited year after year, going to the park every Christmas day. After five years of constantly going to that park, the girl noticed there was someone waiting there. Her heart started to race as she slowly approached the man at the park. As she looked closely, there was the fabric and cotton heart in the mans hand. When she finally arrived at the park, she approached the man. The man looked up; it wasn’t the same man as the one she loved.

The girl stepped back in disbelief. “I’m sorry sir,–” the woman began as her eyes began to tear up. “But that heart, I gave it to someone I love five years ago. Why do you have it?” The man smiled, brushing his hair to the side as he looked straight into the woman’s eyes. “I stole your heart. The other man wasn’t worthy of your love.” The man grabbed her hand and placed something in the woman’s hands. The girl looked confused as she looked at what the man had placed in her hands. It was a very small fabric heart, just like the one she made but three times smaller. The heart had many mistakes in its stitches, and was torn everywhere. “My heart is broken, but I wanted to give you my heart. If you could take care of it, that would be absolutely wonderful.” The girl nodded and the man got up and walked away. Two weeks later, the woman looked at the broken heart the man had given her, inside of one of the torn fabrics was a piece of paper. “Will you go out with me? 256 654 971” The girl smiled and called the number.

Five years later, the girl and the man with the broken heart got married. Now they have 3 children, and are extremely happy. They still keep the fabric heart in their home, on their bed side. The man and the women tell their story to each other each night.

There is always someone out there for someone. Don’t give up. * Another Free writing*
I loved this story so i decided to Publish it 😀


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