Challenge 8: My TOP 10 Favorites

(Challenge 8)

Hi everyone , i’m glad that you are reading this  😀
So, in  this post i will write about my top 10 favorites , don’t forget to comment after reading :

First of all , i would like to speak about a film that i watched 1 year ago , it made me cry in the end , it was my first time i cry about something imaginary , so , it name is Seven Pounds (click to watch the movie’s trailer) , it was ….. words can’t describe this movie , it’s  the best movie i have ever watched , i couldn’t stop thinking about it ,  just watch the movie and you will definitely cry at the end (i bet on it xD )


+My second is practice Parkour with my friends

, i really enjoy it , it removes stress and helps you to get rid of routine :S it is also very funny especially when   one of my friends falls down xD




+My third is playing guitar ; am a very good guitar-player ,

and a good singer too , i can play any song i hear :z  , i love many songs as

3 doors down songs , music is a key to human’s heart ,more specific  feelings , that’s why i love music 😀


+My fourth is Blogging 😀 it’s a new activity since our teacher “Hayfa Majdoub” told us about it , and am glad she did xD






+My fifth : Surfing the net
: usually when i’m bored i just

google anything that ”comes to my head” xD and i keep reading everything;  sometimes  i read funny stuffs , sometimes ridiculous and sometimes GOOD 😛


+My Sixth

 is playing poker with my friend Chahinez on FACEBOOK xD , it’s super cool , but she always wins x.x





+My seventh hanging  out with my friends <3  i love it , we have fun , laughing on  crazy jokes or at one of us xD all my friends are kind of weird in a special way :S that’s why they are my friends 😀







My 8th is my way of how i find ideas to write it in this post XDDD i just keep looking at my room and try to thing of good things that people will enjoy it while reading this post 😛








my 9th is SLEEPING XDD , if i have a problem , tired or sick, sleeping is always at your service to help you xD ALWAYS 😀





My tenth is a secret , try to figure it out , comment 😛  <3 (ifuknwhatimean)


20 thoughts on “Challenge 8: My TOP 10 Favorites

  1. haha ur 10th fav activity is something we were discussing right now :3
    Hint : Its All Over my Shoes !!! 😀 hahahahh

  2. hàhàhà you’re very smart, don’t worry i will not disclose your secret 😀 good job i really like it 😉

  3. A little bird told me about the secret Aziz! ^_^ just kidding a secret won’t be a secret if it is told! Anyway, #8 is good but I wonder what are we going to do after the challenge?…:/

  4. G’day Aziz,
    Great post but where is the attribution for the images? Some of them I realize are taken by you probably but others are from the net somewhere.

    After the challenge maybe head to these two places 100WC which is a hundred word challenge or to Mrs Penny Bentley’s website Lots of images relating to science, maths etc. Great discussions you could write about in your blogs and remember to link back to her posts so she knows you are writing about her images.

  5. Wow, I’m in third grade and I don’t even use grammar like that, no offense but sometimes you used really bad grammar but, I don’t even know if you meant to make it like that.I think that besides all of the bad grammar you actually did a good job, that was a good post. By the way “I think I know what the secret is….” GUM!!! Why did you need to keep the last one a secret anyway? Well I only have one more question, what grade are you in like high school, middle school?

    • Thank you Devon 🙂 well , i did it to attract the reader to comment that’s all 😛
      Well in Tunisia it’s called secondary Education (studied 9 years to reach it) , Ty for visiting my blog ; i’ll check yours

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