Challenge 8: My TOP 10 Favorites

(Challenge 8)

Hi everyone , i’m glad that you are reading this ¬†ūüėÄ
So, in ¬†this post i will write about my top 10 favorites , don’t forget to comment after reading :

First of all , i would like to speak about a film that i watched 1 year ago , it made me cry in the end , it was my first time i cry about something imaginary , so , it name is Seven Pounds¬†(click to watch the movie’s trailer) , it was ….. words can’t describe this movie , it’s¬†¬†the best movie i have ever watched , i couldn’t stop thinking about it , ¬†just watch the movie and you will¬†definitely¬†cry at the end (i bet on it xD )


+My second is practice Parkour with my friends

, i really enjoy it , it removes stress and helps you to get rid of routine :S it is also very funny especially when   one of my friends falls down xD




+My third is playing guitar ; am a very good guitar-player ,

and a good singer too , i can play any song i hear :z  , i love many songs as

3 doors down songs¬†, music is a key to human’s heart ,more¬†specific¬† feelings , that’s why i love music ūüėÄ


+My fourth is Blogging ūüėÄ it’s a new activity since our teacher “Hayfa Majdoub” told us about it , and am glad she did xD






+My fifth : Surfing the net
: usually when i’m bored i just

google anything that ”comes to my head” xD and i keep reading everything; ¬†sometimes ¬†i read funny stuffs , sometimes¬†ridiculous and sometimes GOOD ūüėõ


+My Sixth

¬†is playing poker with my friend Chahinez on FACEBOOK xD , it’s super cool , but she always wins x.x





+My seventh hanging ¬†out with my friends <3 ¬†i love it , we have fun , laughing on ¬†crazy jokes or at one of us xD all my friends are kind of weird in a special way :S that’s why they are my friends ūüėÄ







My 8th is my way of how i find ideas to write it in this post XDDD i just keep looking at my room and try to thing of good things that people will enjoy it while reading this post ūüėõ








my 9th is SLEEPING XDD , if i have a problem , tired or sick, sleeping is always at your service to help you xD ALWAYS ūüėÄ





My tenth is a secret , try to figure it out , comment ūüėõ ¬†<3 (ifuknwhatimean)