Challenge 7: FREEDOM to write; My Life With Online Games :D

Hello everyone ; in my second challenge i wrote about Parkour and free running, and in this time i will write about  online Video Games ( am an old gamer by the way 😛 )

First of all,An online game  is a playable through a computer network game. Online games can incorporate simple writing games with complete and detailed games in which many players find themselves in a simultaneous manner.

Many online games are divided into virtual communities, transforming the single-player games in the form of social activity.

When i was playing my old game named ”TLBB”  at the beginning , it was boring and i didn’t like it at all till i found a Tunisian player, he’s a good friend , at that moment , i figured out what is the point of playing an online game, Making NEW Friends, i loved playing in a team, my team needs me and i need them , i felt so important , i had fun playing  and learning new languages but it takes long hours to play,it affected my study ,i didn’t have any solution except quitting the game, i was addicted, i couldn’t stop playing , it was as my second life , if i leave the game,my relation with my new friends will ‘vanish’  , i continued playing ,my mother removed the internet from the house but it didn’t stop me, i had a lot of money , i just went to a local net club , till my mum figured it out, she stopped giving me my pocket money; i had no solution except Stop playing and start studying , and that’s what am doing . 😛

here’s the game’s picture:


***There are many types of online games:

1) Browser-Games:

these games are simple (low graphics , and short)  based on HTML and JavaScript, usable through a web browser,it helps you to distress yourself. These games are generally not multiplayer, but they can share with all players elements, typically a high score.exp


it usually requires great intelligence to win , a little kid can’t play it and it takes a lot of time ,  EXP: Age of Empires . in which “the player is a leader of a civilization of antiquity, he must evolve through four ages: the Stone Age, the age of the tool, the Bronze Age and the age of iron to acquire new technologies and new units.”

3)Shooting Games:

in which multiple players compete face-to-face using weapons in order to win a death match , rules are simple , kill everyone HHHHH exp:

4)Sports games :

Very cool games in this type, as “Pro online” , it includes a sport, in wich the player is a member of a team or he controls the whole team  or he’s the manager x) , Sport games involve physical and tactical challenges, and tests the player’s precision and accuracy.

Well that’s all i know about online games 🙂 i hope you enjoyed reading ^.^

 (challenge 7)

19 thoughts on “Challenge 7: FREEDOM to write; My Life With Online Games :D

  1. Good job Aziz, and I agree with nanou, online video games are addictive ;)the same as the internet. we should have self-control in order to resist the temptation of getting online. (Which is veeeeeeeeeery difficult to do ^_^)

  2. Dude , Online Games are the best :3 you can be whoever u want , whenever you want 🙂 u should come back with us 😀 😀 , anyway , great post i loved it !!!

    • i already stopped this addiction ; no way to get back to that world again ; i like my real life :p (ifuknwhatimean)

          • i can see the clouds !!! 😀 haha good for you bro 🙂 but everyone can have balance look at me 🙂 online games all day , no school whole day 😀

  3. Great post Aziz.

    Since retiring I know a bit about getting addicted to games – facebook games in particular. I have to limit my time online every day otherwise I could be sitting in front of a screen 18 hours a day, leaving only the six hours of sleep.

    There is a world outside of computers and the internet and I am having to force myself to get off and get outside.

    I love your explanation of how you got out of the addiction – well done mum.

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