4rth challenge POST: is that a moving image?? XD

When i was a little kid , my dad showed me some sort of a moving_image,, i was extremely surprised and impressed , but i always kept wondering of how it was moving while it’s drawn  on a paper…

So,in this post i will resolve this mysterious moving-image 😛

It’s called the optical-illusion.These are the shapes and colors that make our  brain incapable of understanding it and that’s what made our brain seeing it as an animation.

An optical illusion is an illusion that makes the humain visual system (from the eye to the brain) and leads to a distorted perception of reality. The optical illusions can occur naturally or be created by specific visual tricks that can highlight the operating principles of the human visual system.

It is also the result of a poor analys of the visual system information. This “error” can therefore lead to the perception of an object that is not present,  or can create an animation that a normal human cannot control.

I hope you enjoyed reading ,, don’t forget to comment ! (: