People that I would like to ask them some questions :X

1) Justen Beiber :   Do you like being yourself?  xD
2)  Cris Angel:  How do you make your tricks?
3)My cat: Where did you sleep last night?  hhhhh
4)  Neil Armstrong (The first astronaut who stepped  the Moon’s surface) : how did you feel when you returned to our planet?
5)Bruce Lee : From where did you learn to fight? and why?
6)Mark Zuckerberg: Why you created FaceBook?
7) Ray William johnsen: Do you like making fun of the others or it’s just for your JOB?
8)John Cena:  Do you like being famous?
9)Bill Gates ( the creator of Microsoft): How did you Start building your dream?
10)Albert Einstein : Is there any other discovery besides t hat famous equation E=m*c²

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