2nd challenge POST: Parkour and Free Running<> Way to FREEDOM

In this post am going to write about this amazing activity : Parkour.
At first , i will explain this mysterious word , Parkour or Art of movement , it’s a physical activity that aims to move freely and effectively in all types of environments, especially outside the predetermined pathways.,, Thus the elements of urban and rural become obstacles overcome by running, jumping, climbing, moving in balance, all u need is a good body muscles bravery and courage. 
I practice Parkour in holidays , it’s super dangerous , u can easely get hurt while practicing it .
When i started this amazing sport, i was extremely afraid of the high places and all , i simply didnt wanna get hurt but one of my best friends “Amir” gave me a lot of courage , and that’s what made me so good in it .
I dont know a lot of moves , i only know 4  basic-moves :
1 )- The cat leap: clearing an obstacle based on the hands and then moving  legs between them.
2)-The bottom jump: jump made from a great height, the receipt is damped by a roll. 
3)-The wall pass: technique to pass a high wall. you just step on the wall with one foot to gain height. 
4)- The precision jump: made with or without momentum to cross a distance.
**it’s kind of complicated, i will try to link this post some pictures of these moves ,, also i will upload my first video while practicing this amazing sport.In  this second part of this writing i will write about the advantages and disadvantages of this Sport,
  First of all Parkour is a spectacular sport that reveals the real potential of physical and mental abilities of its practitioners, besides this art of movement  requires speed, timing and accuracy >> by practicing it you will get a good body muscles  . 
There are only advantages ,,lmao just kidding this sport has only one problem , u can easily get hurt or die :X  jumping of a a high place  is not that easy it requires great strength and courage to do it correctly. ( I guess after reading this you will never try         Parkour  HHH  )   
I hope you enjoyed reading , dont forget to check my video. 🙂

People that I would like to ask them some questions :X

1) Justen Beiber :   Do you like being yourself?  xD
2)  Cris Angel:  How do you make your tricks?
3)My cat: Where did you sleep last night?  hhhhh
4)  Neil Armstrong (The first astronaut who stepped  the Moon’s surface) : how did you feel when you returned to our planet?
5)Bruce Lee : From where did you learn to fight? and why?
6)Mark Zuckerberg: Why you created FaceBook?
7) Ray William johnsen: Do you like making fun of the others or it’s just for your JOB?
8)John Cena:  Do you like being famous?
9)Bill Gates ( the creator of Microsoft): How did you Start building your dream?
10)Albert Einstein : Is there any other discovery besides t hat famous equation E=m*c²

Let’s Introduce :))

Hiii,,  am a tunisian boy ,,our teacher Hayfa Majdoub told us about the Student’s challenge, and i am here to participate and try to make a good result, after all am TUNISIAN, , SO , My name is Mohamed Aziz Elphil am 17 years old , i like playing Guitar and singing , reading , parkour and surfing the net .
Honestly , i am not so good in english and  i’ll try to work harder to improve it 🙂