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Once there was a young girl, at the age of 21. She was a beauty, long luscious blond hair, and blue eyes. She fell in love with a man, who was unworthy of her love. This girl was into sewing, and she had made a heart out of fabric and cotton. She promised herself that on Christmas day, she would give this man her heart that she made, promising that the heart was a promise of her love. She promised the man that would meet her love at a park.

This is where they met. On Christmas day, the girl proceeded with her promise and gave the man that fabric and cotton heart at that special park. The man smiled, but then quickly walked away, not giving anything in return. The girl never saw the man again.

She waited year after year, going to the park every Christmas day. After five years of constantly going to that park, the girl noticed there was someone waiting there. Her heart started to race as she slowly approached the man at the park. As she looked closely, there was the fabric and cotton heart in the mans hand. When she finally arrived at the park, she approached the man. The man looked up; it wasn’t the same man as the one she loved.

The girl stepped back in disbelief. “I’m sorry sir,–” the woman began as her eyes began to tear up. “But that heart, I gave it to someone I love five years ago. Why do you have it?” The man smiled, brushing his hair to the side as he looked straight into the woman’s eyes. “I stole your heart. The other man wasn’t worthy of your love.” The man grabbed her hand and placed something in the woman’s hands. The girl looked confused as she looked at what the man had placed in her hands. It was a very small fabric heart, just like the one she made but three times smaller. The heart had many mistakes in its stitches, and was torn everywhere. “My heart is broken, but I wanted to give you my heart. If you could take care of it, that would be absolutely wonderful.” The girl nodded and the man got up and walked away. Two weeks later, the woman looked at the broken heart the man had given her, inside of one of the torn fabrics was a piece of paper. “Will you go out with me? 256 654 971” The girl smiled and called the number.

Five years later, the girl and the man with the broken heart got married. Now they have 3 children, and are extremely happy. They still keep the fabric heart in their home, on their bed side. The man and the women tell their story to each other each night.

There is always someone out there for someone. Don’t give up. * Another Free writing*
I loved this story so i decided to Publish it ūüėÄ


Challenge 8: My TOP 10 Favorites

(Challenge 8)

Hi everyone , i’m glad that you are reading this ¬†ūüėÄ
So, in ¬†this post i will write about my top 10 favorites , don’t forget to comment after reading :

First of all , i would like to speak about a film that i watched 1 year ago , it made me cry in the end , it was my first time i cry about something imaginary , so , it name is Seven Pounds¬†(click to watch the movie’s trailer) , it was ….. words can’t describe this movie , it’s¬†¬†the best movie i have ever watched , i couldn’t stop thinking about it , ¬†just watch the movie and you will¬†definitely¬†cry at the end (i bet on it xD )


+My second is practice Parkour with my friends

, i really enjoy it , it removes stress and helps you to get rid of routine :S it is also very funny especially when   one of my friends falls down xD




+My third is playing guitar ; am a very good guitar-player ,

and a good singer too , i can play any song i hear :z  , i love many songs as

3 doors down songs¬†, music is a key to human’s heart ,more¬†specific¬† feelings , that’s why i love music ūüėÄ


+My fourth is Blogging ūüėÄ it’s a new activity since our teacher “Hayfa Majdoub” told us about it , and am glad she did xD






+My fifth : Surfing the net
: usually when i’m bored i just

google anything that ”comes to my head” xD and i keep reading everything; ¬†sometimes ¬†i read funny stuffs , sometimes¬†ridiculous and sometimes GOOD ūüėõ


+My Sixth

¬†is playing poker with my friend Chahinez on FACEBOOK xD , it’s super cool , but she always wins x.x





+My seventh hanging ¬†out with my friends <3 ¬†i love it , we have fun , laughing on ¬†crazy jokes or at one of us xD all my friends are kind of weird in a special way :S that’s why they are my friends ūüėÄ







My 8th is my way of how i find ideas to write it in this post XDDD i just keep looking at my room and try to thing of good things that people will enjoy it while reading this post ūüėõ








my 9th is SLEEPING XDD , if i have a problem , tired or sick, sleeping is always at your service to help you xD ALWAYS ūüėÄ





My tenth is a secret , try to figure it out , comment ūüėõ ¬†<3 (ifuknwhatimean)


Challenge 7: FREEDOM to write; My Life With Online Games :D

Hello everyone ; in my second challenge i wrote about Parkour and free running, and in this time i will write about ¬†online Video Games ( am an old gamer by the way ūüėõ )

First of all,An online game  is a playable through a computer network game. Online games can incorporate simple writing games with complete and detailed games in which many players find themselves in a simultaneous manner.

Many online games are divided into virtual communities, transforming the single-player games in the form of social activity.

When i was playing my old game named ”TLBB” ¬†at the¬†beginning¬†, it was boring and i didn’t like it at all till i found a Tunisian player, he’s a good friend , at that moment , i figured out what is the point of playing an online game,¬†Making NEW Friends, i loved playing in a team, my team needs me and i need them , i felt so important , i had fun playing ¬†and learning new languages but it takes long hours to play,it affected my study ,i¬†didn’t have any solution¬†except quitting the game, i was addicted, i couldn’t stop playing , it was as my second life , if i leave the game,my relation with my new friends will ‘vanish’ ¬†, i continued playing ,my mother removed the internet from the house but it didn’t stop me, i had a lot of money , i just went to a local net club , till my mum figured it out, she¬†stopped¬†giving me my pocket money; i had no solution except Stop playing and start studying , and that’s what am doing . ūüėõ

here’s the game’s picture:


***There are many types of online games:

1) Browser-Games:

these games are simple (low graphics , and short)  based on HTML and JavaScript, usable through a web browser,it helps you to distress yourself. These games are generally not multiplayer, but they can share with all players elements, typically a high score.exp


it usually¬†requires great intelligence to win , a¬†little¬†kid can’t play it and it takes a lot of time , ¬†EXP: Age of Empires¬†. in¬†which¬†“the player is a leader of a civilization of antiquity, he must evolve through four ages: the Stone Age, the age of the tool, the Bronze Age and the age of iron to acquire new technologies and new units.”

3)Shooting Games:

in which multiple players compete face-to-face using weapons in order to win a death match , rules are simple , kill everyone HHHHH exp:

4)Sports games :

Very cool games in this type, as “Pro online” , it includes a sport, in wich the player is a member of a team or he¬†controls the whole team ¬†or he’s the manager x) ,¬†Sport games involve physical and tactical challenges, and tests the player’s precision and accuracy.

Well that’s all i know about online games ūüôā i hope you enjoyed reading ^.^

 (challenge 7)

Challenge n¬į5 : The VerY VerY LONG Story :D

In this post am going to write about a very mysterious story ¬†ūüėÄ enjoy reading , i bet you will BE extremely amazed !


In the last summer holiday, i planned to go with 3 of my best friends to a ¬†forest in Rades here’s the picture,

We had fun running and¬†practicing Parkour and playing “Hide and Seek” it was super funny ūüėÄ

While trying to find a good place to hide, i saw a box near a very big and old Tree , i opened it , i found a phone and a¬†piece of paper with it, i was really glad that i found a new phone but i¬†wondered if it works, at first i didn’t read the paper i just¬† focused on the phone, i pushed the¬†button to check if it is not broken ,,,it didn’t x) ¬†i was sure that it will not work, so i simply put it in my pocket and continued playing with my friends…after a ¬†long day, i was super tired, i just went sleeping…

When i woke up in the morning at 7:00 , i found the phone on my desk , it was working, i found two unread messages, i opened it,”your are officially one of the new future-diary holders” i laughed , i was sure that it¬†is my best-friends idea x) i¬†skipped to the next message it was written” 15/04/ 2013¬†you’re going to eat a¬†sandwich in stead of milk at 7:15 ” how funny x) i just put the phone on my desk and went to drink my milk xD i found a note on the kitchen’s desk saying : “Forgot to buy milk , there is sandwich from last night eat it , Love Mom” it was kind a wierd because its like a 1% chance for mom to forget shopping .

So i went to school and as i entered the classroom phone ringed again with a message saying “Dear diary today i had a surprise math test the answers are …” ok for the second time it was really wierd and how could my friend get answers for a test that he will¬†probably¬†fail it , i went around asking and everyone denied it .

Finally on my way home from school the phone ringed i picked up and a wierd voice speaking “how u like the diary kid , i advice u not to go straight home now you won’t like what you will find” ¬†i ignored that and kept moving as i almost reached home i saw two black cars , i was shocked i start walking slowly back , and than phone ringed again i picked up :”i warned you , said the voice , now ull find a red car behind u at the next block get in it” i had no other choice.

So i got in the car and found the man who called me , he was young and had a weird

uniform wrote in it , Future Diary Game . he told me his name was David and that the phone i have is a future diary that shows actions happening in my own future and that i wasn’t the only one that had these powers . he said that the future diary can be different from other like his diary had the stalker ability , his diary mimic any other diary as long as it’s in his range . he also said that there is a survivor game going on that every diary holder is competing to kill other’s with the same ability in order to win and gain the extreme future sight , in other words a god of time . he said that he is trying to stop people from killing each other and that the man’s that came in my place works for the strongest one who has the ability to control people’s future changing them in the logic way . he was coming after me because my diary kind a different it tells what happened to me so i can know if he is trying to get to me . so we drove to what seemed to be a normal building were ive met other diary holders . in there he introduced me to the people he said he is going to help me because the phone i had belongs to his best friend who was chased by these guys . David was against the idea of people killing each other for the victory but he said i must train hard and use force to defend myself if its necessary and i accepted his idea because he seemed like a nice man trying to help others and he also saved my life so i trusted him . he told me he will help me with the training every day but i must not use the future diary like that i got to be¬†careful¬†danger waits at every corner. So the next day i started this special training i have learned that the diary i am holding has a¬†weird¬†way of trying to protect me we started with close hand to hand fight were i learned few new techniques and all and even though David seems like a nice , weak man but he is very strong and i think that he can win .

During the¬†training s¬†i met a girl named Matilda her family got killed by the man who every one calls him Mayor they said he is a very rude vicious guy who aims only for wining this game . so days passed and i got stronger after each training i learned almost everything and i was confident about myself . so one day i was walking home from school and i saw a¬†weird¬†man standing across the street . he was wearing a cowboy hat with sunglasses that hid his face so i¬†couldn’t¬†recognize¬†him and as i walked by his side he said : ” how is it going 1st” .

I stopped for a second (1st was the name that everyone called the previous owner of my diary) for a second i thought it was the mayor but after a second thought i knew he could control a car driver or something to kill me and than he got a knife and said : “walk slowly and don’t try to run” as we walked he started telling me :” i¬†wouldn’t¬†trust David if i were you he only seeks revenge for his dead friend and even though he seems nice but he is trying to win the game by betraying everyone in the end”. and when we reached the end of the road he jumped into a bus and when i turned around i saw something on his neck a tatoo that my best friend had .

The next morning when i got into school i¬†couldn’t¬†find my best friend i heard that he was found dead in his room with a letter in his hand saying “i placed my bet on you 1st” . i kind a doubted that David killed my friend but i still¬†didn’t¬†have any proof so i started to skip a few¬†trainings¬†and walking away from all this but than the hard truth hit me in the face i must win this game and when i become a god of time i ill revive everyone so i started to make my own researchs about people becoming famous in a short time by luck and all and i found a few lottery¬†wining¬†and one wierd famous woman that they say she can predect ur future with her crystal ball .

I decided that will be the 1st victime. her house wasnt far away so i got there as a student who wants to know will i have a success grades or not when i got there the woman started touching her crystal ball and it shined showing pics i knew she was a diary holder so i got my knife out and pushed the table . the crystal ball fell and it broke and suddenly the woman died of a heart attack . what are the odds ? i got a conclusion destroy the diary means destroy the owner .

The next morning this was all over the news and David found out i did it . he called me he said “That means u found out what ive kept hidden , Watch over kid its gonna be an epic battle” . as a stalker ability my diary will be useless against David but i know the only thing that he wont predict . i hid my diary the next morning and got to school on my way there 2 black cars were at the door i knew it was Mayor and he found out my identity so did i . i saw a kid standing across the street holding a black phone and typing i knew it was the Mayor so i approached slowly and whispered how is it going mayor he turned around and we had this 5seconds eye contact as i got my knife out to stab him he jumped in a car and run away yelling : We Will meet again 1st !!! .the next thing i saw David running to me holding a dart that he threw in my pocket he thought my phone was there but it was only a regular phone so i pretended that i fainted of a heart attack . As David approached i got my knife and stabbed him in the chest he lost so much blood and on his dieing breath he told me “Please Aziz Win this game for all of us , but what u didnt know is , you wont be able to revive what you kill” and so he died with a smile on his face . at 1st i didnt believe what he said i was so shocked so angry i almost stabbed everyone around me. as i got home late at night i saw at the news that there was some kind of police attack on a building it was David’s building saying that police attacked those kids because they were armed and killed almost everyone .

It seemed like the last battle was between me and Mayor . seconds later i¬†received¬†a phone call from the girl Matilda she said she made it out and she needed help and she didnt know anyone else to run to so i kept her at my place. we became close friends and i fell in love with her . we decided that we should go after Mayor and end this but in the end it will be me against her and i¬†don’t¬†think i am ready to kill her . after i found out Mayor’s identity i knew he was a¬†rich¬†kid who lived in some kind a palace so it will be hard to break in there i had to pull him out away from his guards to an isolated place and finish him. Matilda suggested that we make him come after us that we make our¬†self s¬†easy targets i¬†approved¬†on this plan and decided to make myself target. so i used my¬†motorbike¬†and drove near that palace as i approached the 2 cars started chasing me and mayor was in one of them and i drove to a mountain where cars cant get there . Matilda was waiting in a secret place to make the last move and take down the kid .

I got off my bike and started running with all my speed as i turned around i saw a few man following me so i got my diary out and read : Warning a sniper is gonna shoot me when i reach the top so i changed direction and went so deep inside the¬†wood¬†the man’s gave up and started walking back and as they turned around i got¬†2 knifes¬†out and¬†stabbed¬†one after an other and than i¬†heard¬†a bullet shot i knew it was the sniper so i ran back to where the car were and saw¬†2 mans¬†dead so as Matilda shot mayor was left alone so i went after him i¬†received¬†a bullet in my leg from the sniper but than i got my knife out and threw it at kid’s Tablet making him die of a heart attack so he lost¬†control¬†over the sniper i became the new god of time and than i heared a quiet voice in my head : it was my mom saying “Aziz wake up you will be late for school”

i know the story is long and all and i inspired it from an anime i watched called “Mirai Nikki” you guys should check it out , Big Thanks to my friend Slim for helping with his ^_^

(challenge 5)


4rth challenge POST: is that a moving image?? XD

When i was a¬†little¬†kid , my dad showed me some sort of a moving_image,, i was¬†extremely surprised and impressed , but i always kept wondering of how it was moving while it’s drawn ¬†on a paper…

So,in this post i will resolve this mysterious moving-image ūüėõ

It’s called the optical-illusion.These are the shapes and colors that make our ¬†brain¬†incapable¬†of understanding it and that’s what made our brain seeing it as an animation.

An optical illusion is an illusion that makes the humain visual system (from the eye to the brain) and leads to a distorted perception of reality. The optical illusions can occur naturally or be created by specific visual tricks that can highlight the operating principles of the human visual system.

It is also the result of a poor analys of the visual system information. This “error” can therefore lead to the perception of an object that is not present, ¬†or can create an animation that a normal human cannot¬†control.

I hope you enjoyed reading ,,¬†don’t¬†forget to comment ! (:


Challenge n¬į3 :10 ways to use a sock full of holes :P Let’s try to be creative :)

(Challenge n¬į3)

Well, i have many ideas of how to use a sock full of holes ,

    We can:

  1. Use it to make wonderful clothes for domestic pets.
  2. Fix it and donate it to poor people.
  3. Make pet toys.
  4. Use it for the Halloween .
  5. Make Puppets for your children.
  6. Use it to clean windows or computer’s screens or cars.
  7. Make Gloves with it.
  8. make a dress for  puppets and dolls.
  9. Use it to catch disgusting insects XD
  10. Am out of ¬†ideas! i’ll just let you help me to finish it , comment ,

*Pictures :

2nd challenge POST: Parkour and Free Running<> Way to FREEDOM

In this post am going to write about this amazing activity : Parkour.
At first , i will explain this mysterious word , Parkour or Art of movement , it’s a physical activity that aims to move freely and effectively in all types of environments, especially outside the predetermined pathways.,, Thus the elements of urban and rural become obstacles overcome by running, jumping, climbing, moving in balance, all u need is¬†a good body muscles bravery and courage.¬†
I practice Parkour in holidays , it’s super dangerous , u can easely get hurt while practicing it .
When i started this amazing sport, i was extremely¬†afraid of the high places and all , i simply didnt wanna get hurt¬†but one of my best friends “Amir” gave me a lot of courage , and that’s what made me so good in it .
I dont know a lot of moves , i only know 4  basic-moves :
1 )- The cat leap: clearing an obstacle based on the hands and then moving  legs between them.
2)-The bottom jump: jump made from a great height, the receipt is damped by a roll. 
3)-The wall pass: technique to pass a high wall. you just step on the wall with one foot to gain height. 
4)- The precision jump: made with or without momentum to cross a distance.
**it’s kind of complicated, i will try to link this post some pictures of these moves ,, also i will upload my first video while¬†practicing this amazing sport.In ¬†this second part of this writing i will write about the advantages and disadvantages of this Sport,
  First of all Parkour is a spectacular sport that reveals the real potential of physical and mental abilities of its practitioners, besides this art of movement  requires speed, timing and accuracy >> by practicing it you will get a good body muscles  . 
There are only advantages ,,lmao just kidding this sport has only one problem , u can easily get hurt or die :X  jumping of a a high place  is not that easy it requires great strength and courage to do it correctly. ( I guess after reading this you will never try         Parkour  HHH  )   
I hope you enjoyed reading , dont forget to check my video. ūüôā

People that I would like to ask them some questions :X

1) Justen Beiber :   Do you like being yourself?  xD
2)  Cris Angel:  How do you make your tricks?
3)My cat: Where did you sleep last night?  hhhhh
4)¬†¬†Neil Armstrong (The first astronaut who stepped ¬†the Moon’s surface) :¬†how did you feel when you returned to our planet?
5)Bruce Lee : From where did you learn to fight? and why?
6)Mark Zuckerberg: Why you created FaceBook?
7) Ray William johnsen: Do you like making fun of the others or it’s just for your JOB?
8)John Cena:  Do you like being famous?
9)Bill Gates ( the creator of Microsoft): How did you Start building your dream?
10)Albert Einstein : Is there any other discovery besides t hat famous equation E=m*c²

Let’s Introduce :))

Hiii,,¬† am a tunisian boy ,,our teacher Hayfa Majdoub told us about the Student’s challenge, and i am here to participate and try to make a good result, after all am TUNISIAN, , SO , My name is Mohamed Aziz Elphil am 17 years old , i like playing Guitar and singing , reading , parkour and surfing the net .
Honestly , i am not so good in english and¬† i’ll try to work harder to improve it ūüôā